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About us


OECUS is a Berlin-based music project collective, dedicated to creating immersive techno events and fostering a thriving and inclusive music community. We are committed to promoting inclusivity and providing a safe, welcoming space for all attendees. Since 2018, we have also operated an international booking agency, bringing our unique blend of cutting-edge electronic music to audiences around the globe.

In addition to our events and international booking agency, OECUS has established itself as a source for techno enthusiasts through our popular podcast series. Since its inception, our podcast series has become a staple for many artists worldwide, offering a platform for them to share their music and ideas with a global audience.

We welcome you to join us at our events and discover the endless potential for self-expression through sound. As a label, we are constantly searching for new and innovative artists to join our roster and help us push the boundaries of techno music.


Address: Müggelstraße 27 10247, Berlin, Germany

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