Ava Krohn


Ava Krohn, a visual artist, photographer and designer, was born up in the north of Germany, has been moving quite a bit since then and nowadays lives and works in Berlin. Here she first started her studies in philosophy, then switched university and subject to visual design and recently graduated from the film class in 2020.

During her studies she became part of the collective and has worked her way up to the creative direction of the project. Since 2019 she has been creating the whole visual story of OECUS.

Ava’s work is often an abstract mixture of both analog and digital – while remaining minimalistic and honest. Her creative journey has been expressed through diverse media, keeping the focus around the question of true essence – what is it for real? Be it a painting, an artist portrait or her cinematic works. Ava loves to think things through to the end and deals holistically with creative contexts.

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