Trying to define the musical style of HOBI is not easy: polished and ambient sounds, associated with an irregular but clear groove, produce the correct and desired atmosphere for HOBI. Andrea Davide, aka HOBI, was born in Naples in 1993 and discovered his passion for electronic music after kept in touch with the different musical realities of european capitals cities, as London, Berlin and Barcelona. In his productions he tries continually to test sounds that give to all of his tracks a mysterious feature, at times visionary, forcing the listener to make a introspective journey through a careful listening, more focused on musical details and that impinge deeply on emotive dimension. His passion for the music and his desire to learn different ways to compose new music, brought him to start studying sound engineering, musical harmony and piano in his city. In his performances there is a particular musical identity , difficult to see in the current techno scene. Each of his sets is full of experimentation related to textures that keep a constant melody, but interspersed by sounds that permit at the listeners to make an emotional and unforgettable journey.

HOBI @ Tresor - 29.03.17

Here a miniclip of what's happened last night at Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL)Just want to thank all the people involved there, I loved the great atmosphere inside, it was really amazing! See you next time!

Gepostet von HOBI am Freitag, 31. März 2017
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