Lawrence Kurt


Lawrence Kurt, Berlin based Italian DJ and producer, came into contact with electronic music in his teenage years. His career is founded on the passion he has developed through the years. Having wanted to contribute more to the techno scene, he started organizing his own party called “OECUS”, at which he has boosted his feeling and contact with the audience. The passion for electronic music has grown over the years leading him into the world of production. During his performances he encountered some of the most respected DJs and producers of the electronic scene who strongly influenced his productions which can be identifed by their consistency and their combination of techno grooves and melodies.

Our buddy Lawrence Kurt has been quite active lately. Having released on Wats Records with his uniformly emotional and mesmerizing, still heavy though, ‘Königswinter’ EP has given him even more motivation and eagerness to work on more.Moreover, he marks his first appearance behind the bars at the legendary Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) during New Faces. Playing at Tresor alongside friends and for beloved friends was absolutely unforgettable. Huge thanks go to Dinamite for creating such a special and infectious experience and letting Lawrence and OECUS a part of it. It was also a pleasure to be joining Fugal that night. Thanks for taking over the booth so smoothly and delivering such a great set.Check a short video from the dark cage where Lawerence Kurt got carried away with some raw edged techno tracks. As you can see in the video, the crowd was unbelievably welcoming and fanatical. Thank you all the dancers!You can catch Lawrence Kurt playing at the next OECUS party at Arena Club on 16.06.2017.FB: OECUS w/ Sciahri, Border One, Lawrence Kurt, Monovsn & UNTDXRA:

Posted by OECUS on Wednesday, May 10, 2017
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