The London-based, Italian-bred techno duo Tapefeed, namely Alessandro Boni and Rick Vayo have been establishing their powerfully apocalyptic broken-beats techno in the London scene before taking their characteristically raw percussive sounds onto the international dance music circuit. This ever-evolving sound comes as the pinnacle of years of musical experience: Alessandro’s as a music and art director, event organiser and avid music listener, and Rick’s as a drummer in rock bands as well as his studies in production. Their first vinyl release in 2017 “Dawn on The Eclipse” on Metempsychosis Records including a Vril remix kickstarted a year that launched Tapefeed on the international scene with bookings like Printworks (London) Tresor and About Blank (Berlin) as well as Gem Fest (Georgia) and Elsewhere in New York City. This year has also seen Tapefeed’s behind-the-scenes creative processes take a steady leap forward with the transformation of their audio-visual project Tales Collective into a record label alongside their historical collaborators Ossa di Mare with whom they share a Superstition residency at Village Underground since the beginning of 2018. With their stamina and relentless need for innovation Tapefeed, are always evolving, creating and looking out for their next sonic journey.

What an incredible night! Such a big emotion to play in this dj booth. Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) Thank you so much for the special energy! 🖤 Booking: sam@oecusmusic.com🎥 Credit : Samuele Crp

Gepostet von Tapefeed am Donnerstag, 21. Dezember 2017
Tapefeed @ Elsewhere, NYC (23.02.2018)

Here a small clip of our set last Saturday at Elsewhere in NYC. Our American debut was a wonderful experience. Elsewhere is an amazing space with a great sound system, incredible structure, and top hospitality! A big thank goes to the great crowd and a bigger one to GeGa Japaridze for giving us the chance to have this unforgettable experience! We can’t wait to get back! 🖤

Gepostet von Tapefeed am Dienstag, 27. Februar 2018
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