100th OECUS Podcast Series by Emmanuel

OECUS Podcast Series hits 100. We are grateful and thrilled that over the course of the Podcast Series we could deliver so many good mixes not only from techno veterans but also from fresh, new-born but yet truly talented and skilled DJs and producers.

OECUS is delighted to present the 100th mix delivered by Emmanuel. We invited not only a skilled and visionary artist but also our dear friend who is a truly passionate and determined artist but above all an absolutely inspiring figure to us. Emmanuel is a DJ whom we admire from the start, therefore, we invited him to one of our OECUS parties back in Italy alongside SHDW (Marco Dominik).
Emmanuel stands out from the crowd by always pushing the sound boundaries to another level leading him to found his own music platforms. Emmanuel is an owner of the label ARTS which expanded to 4 Platforms at the moment (12″ Format, and Digital), Arts Ltd, Arts Collective, Arts Transparent and Arts Digital Series as well and also Darkmatter Inc. imprint. Moreover, he is involved in collaborations with labels such as: Monnom BlackDeeply Rooted and Enemy Records.

Listen to the podcast here.


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