Flaminia and Tapefeed on Metempsychosis Records new VA THƎOTHƎRSIDƎ

Metempsychosis Records announces a new Various Artist compilation featuring the founder of the label herself – Flaminia and Tapefeed.  That project involved 10 artists, that is, Michael WellsMARMOEnd TrainIreen AmnesSpunOffBurden & DLTNFelix Fleer & RYTHEN, and Ossa di Mare.

A hug from a stranger that doesn’t feel weird. Sharing a cab and sometimes that half. Getting lost amongst the crowd and the music. Realising the meaning of life together. Forgetting the meaning of life together. Moving as one, eyes closed.

The producers who wrote the music, the artists who drew the cover and the people behind this release, have all met through music. Meaningful connections can create something powerful on the other side of your life.

Can you see these connections? How can you bring them to THEOTHERSIDE?

Listen here.
Preorder here.

Soon on the other platforms:
30th November 2018 Beatport/Spotify exclusive.
14th December 2018 all the other stores.

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