Hobi on La Chinerie – VA Nation Techno: Italy

Newest episode within CDT (Chineurs de Techno) on La Chinerie‘s ‘Nation Techno’ special series. Like it was done on sister “Nation House”, it was time to focus on Italy.  This compilation of 8 tracks by 8 artists gives us an overview of the Italian Scene and its different components.
From the finest “Italian” Techno with it’s atmospheric pads, repetitive, progressive and mental sequences to more audacious stuff between Techno, IDM, Electro, Breakbeat & Breakcore.

Hobi as a proud representative of Italian electronic music scene is a part of this compilation presenting his striking track “Pareidolia” on a double 12″ vinyl release featuring with names such as: Wrong Assessment, Alfredo Mazzilli, RuhigKaelan and more.

Pre-order and previews on Bandcamp.

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