OCSDGTL005 | Various Artist

“OCSDGTL005 | VA” heavily focuses on the future of the genre, though never leaving its past and
roots behind. The compilation displays an outstanding full colour spectrum by a selection of both
some of the most talented newcomers and affirmed artists of the Techno scene.
Going from energetic grooves, old school influenced patterns and driving, dense atmospheres to
some industrial sonic palettes, to finally end up on darker, groovy territories again, this assortment
stays true to the agency and label’s mission.

Artists: Egotot, LKY, Arthur Robert, Monovsn, SLV, Jacobworld, Dinamite, Alarico, Franz Jäger, Lobster

Release Date: 24th January 2022
Format: Digital
Graphic: Ava Krohn
Master: Dadub Studio

OECUS 2022 ©.
Cat. No OCSDGTL005 – all rights reserved.

Bandcamp: oecus.bandcamp.com/album/ocsdgtl005-va

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